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An Extra Six for Luck

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I love how amateurs are now the majority at live sex cam sites. With pornstars the feeling always looms over me that they’re just acting it out, faking it for the sake of it and that really turns me off.

With amateurs that’s almost never the case and on the very rare occasion that it is you can spot it from a mile away because they have to acting experience and just suck at it. Not that pornstars are great at it but practise does make perfect right.

This couple is a great example of amateurs on cam sites and in fact you can check them out here: sexycouple696. I guess the extra 6 at the end of their name is just for good luck but it might also be that the name without the extra digit was already taken.

They actually happen to be online as I’m writing this and things haven’t really gotten to the point where it’s full on action. It gives me a chance to check out their show and maybe you would like to as well.

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