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How to Find Older Women Looking for Younger Men

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There are more and more older women looking for younger men. Whether they are looking to fuck or they are looking for something more, there is definitely a trend. There are a lot of words used to describe these women. The most common word, of course, is cougar.
A cougar is a woman in her 30s to 50s who takes good care of her body. That is the number one factor. She has to have a tight body. You are not a cougar if you have a pot-belly or if you have stretch marks all over your ass and you look nasty. If you look like something that a dog vomited up, it doesn’t really matter how old you are. You are not a cougar.
A cougar is, first and foremost, somebody who takes good care of herself. The second key hallmark to a cougar is that she is looking for sex all the time. We are talking about a hyper-sexual being. For the longest time, this was a case for all sorts of guilt and all sorts of bullshit and judgment.
But the reality is, if we are totally honest with ourselves, we are animals deep down. We need to fuck as much as we need to shit, piss, eat, and sleep. Seriously. It is a basic human need. We are all the same underneath. As long as we are trying to keep it real and as long as we are completely honest with ourselves, we would be at peace with this part of ourselves.
Many older women have finally gotten around to this. They have finally made peace with this part of themselves and they are OK with it. They are no longer offended when people call them sluts or whores, because they are not. Why would society blame older women looking to fuck younger men when it looks the other way when older men try to do it with younger women? The times of those double-standards are gone.
We are all equal here, and the highest form of sexual empowerment is when a good-looking older woman with power makes a younger man happy by sucking his dick and fucking him. There is a whole sense of empowerment going both ways. This is the key for older women looking for younger men. There is no shame in that game. As long as you know what you are doing and you are playing the game safely, have at it.
Of course, it is all about having the right mindset. If you have the wrong mindset, you shouldn’t even be playing the game at all. You would only get hurt and you would feel dirty and scandalized. But if you have the right mindset, go for it.

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