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I Fell Instantly in Love… and in Lust

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I have had, on the very rare occasion, experienced seeing someone who had me in awe. Someone who literally took my breath away and had my heart racing from the very first glance. This has not happened as many as even a handful of times in my life and let me give away that I am a middle-aged man.

Moments like those, I thought, had passed me by a long time ago as surely it;s something associated with young people?

On top of that, I have never even seen this woman and this is a picture, but when I saw it I had that sensation that I had not felt in a very long time. So potent that I feel guilty about it, like I’m some creep. Saying these things make me fear that others might judge me as a freak, had it not been that I had learnt long ago that people more often than not do that to try and cover up their own judgements of themselves.

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