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I Just Want To Look At Them

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I’ve always had a thing for big boobs. Growing up my friends always made fun of me because if a girl had a nice rack I would turn into a complete idiot around her. I would start stuttering uncontrollably and it would be obvious through my pants that my little dick was rock hard. As I grew up I learned how to keep my composure around women and keep my dick down until it was go time. But that lust for big titties never went away.

One of the happiest days of my life was when I discovered I didn’t know anything about webcams at the time so it was all quite revolutionary for me. I was in heaven. These girls are absolutely gorgeous and they have the biggest racks I’ve ever seen. Before I even get logged on my dick goes back to it’s old ways and stands at attention before it’s even necessary. You’re sure to have the same reaction no matter how hard you try to resist.


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