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Total Honey Getting Spitroasted

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I just happened to be talking about how frustrating it is for someone, me specifically, who has a high sex drive when they hook up with a women who is timid in bed. Afraid to do anything even remotely daring because of her own perceived labels. You know, when you can hardly let a guy fuck you from behind because that might make you a slut.

Well, you know if you’re getting spit-roasted there’s no fear of overwhelming sexual inhibitions at that point, you’re pretty damn liberal. 😀

Also completely off topic is the fact that this is the mons pubis hairstyle I prefer. I don’t completely mind them complete bald except that I feel it makes you look like a little girl down there and is that really what you want. I do mind a bush though. I want to be able to see yours too, it turns me on and on top of that, if you want me to go down on you, which I’d love to do, then keep it tidy.

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